Amazon Cruise 4 days 3 nights overnight in Cabins or in Hammocks – Cobra Package. Contacts us for correct departure dates each month.
We group from 04 to 08 clients.

Amazon Cruise in Cabin
Amazon Cruise in Hammocks

Day 01:Departure from the pier of the Tropical Hotel or the Port of Manaus at 08.00 am,
navigating down the Rio Negro to see the famous phenomenon meeting point(Rio Negro with Rio Solimões)continuing to the Lake January, where you will have a special sightseeing ,the Giant Water Lilies, (from April month to August the rivers are flooded) ,so you will have chance to see the flooded woodlands and creeks. Lunch will be served on Boat. Then continue navigating up the Rio Negro, to the place where you will do the activities. After Dinner your guide will take you in a motorized canoe, for spotting Caimans (alligators)overnight in Hammocks or in Cabins.

Day 02:Breakfast will be served at 07.00 am
At 08.00 am, we will get our self ready to go on a nature walk, learning the survival skills of the Amazon jungle and we will also learn how to make use of the medicinal plants (herbs). This walk will take 3 hours duration, back to the boat for lunch.
At 15.00 pm, your guide will take you in a motorized canoe, to visiting a native family. then continue to a place where you will fish the dangerous Piranhas for dinner.
Dinner will be served at 19:00 pm. Overnight in hammocks or in cabins.

Day 03:Early wake up at 05.00 am, leave the Cabin Boat or with hammocks at 05.15 am, in the motorized canoe for morning tour to see the sunrise and some birds. Back to the boat for breakfast. After breakfast we leave the place, cross the Rio Negro to a place where you will do another Jungle walk, this forest is different to the one before, with tall trees. (Terra Firme), duration 3 hours. Back to the boat, and then have a swim in the river before lunch.
At 15.00 pm, leave the area, go to see the famous Archipelago Anavilhanas National Park, with almost 400 islands. There you will explore the region in the motorized canoe. Overnight in hammocks or in cabin.

Day 04:Wake-up call at 5.00 am, leave at 5.15 am for the morning tour.
Return for Breakfast, after try to do some fishing of piranhas. Then leave the place, navigating down the Rio Negro, on the way you will stop to visit Indigenous families, to see their rituals. Lunch will be served. Then continue to Manaus, arriving about 17.00 pm.

OBS: All meals are included, breakfast, lunch and dinner, mineral water, regional fruits and return transfers to and from the boat.

Regional boat 1
Capacity for 04 to 08 persons with 2 decks.
Upper deck :Covered roof for 08 hammocks,
:Open area for sun tend.
Lower deck :02 toilets ,with shower.
:01 kitchen.

Regional boat 2
Capacity for 20 to 45 persons with 2 decks.
Upper deck. Covered roof for 45 hammocks,
Open area for sun tend and a shower,
Lower deck:03 toilets ,with showers
(02 fem. And 01 masc.)
01 kitchen

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