Amazon Jungle Lodges
Amazon jungle lodges cater to all sorts of travellers’ expectations about the rainforest: bountiful fishing, waking up to the chattering of monkeys, enjoying the vibrating silence of rainforest nights, having some contact with indigenous peoples.

Although the deepest realms of the Amazon Rainforest lay beyond the limits of jungle lodges still, some of the tours provided by the lodges will give you a further glimpse into forest life. Jungle lodges are well-equipped to transport guests with comfort. But if the idea of being away from a city with hospitals makes you feel insecure, then you should consider a location near Manaus, the capital of Amazonas State. You will still enjoy a satisfying forest experience. Amazon Eco Park is and excellent option only 30 minutes away.

Even hotels within the Manaus urban limit provide opportunities for guests to take part in tours of the Negro River, especially to see the meeting of the waters of the Rio Negro and Solimões River. If a lodge is on the Negro River you will not be bothered by mosquitoes since mosquito breeding is inhibited by the low level of PH in the water.

Whatever your desires are we can assist you choosing the right lodge based on your specific interests and expectations. Note that lodges change some of them improve, refurbish and some may not thus we recommend that you check with us before booking.