Amazon Safari de 6 a 8 dias

The program Amazon Safari, is done in the region of Roraima State, located in the river Trairi with Jauaperi. There is a small Base Camp, owned by a native family. The Base Camp is surrounded with the Amazon Rain forest, where observation of many wild life can be done.

Day 01: Leaving your hotel in the morning at 06.00 am, going in a car.  Travelling about 4 hours,(430 km away from Manaus), direction North from Manaus, crossing the Equator line. Arriving at the base camp, about 12.00 am, at the base camp, lunch will be served and you will also meet your Jungle native guides. In the afternoon, you will leave the Base Camp, start your adventure, navigating the river Trairi, going to Jauaperi river, arriving there, you and your guides will make your first camp. Prepare dinner.

Day 02: Wake up, prepare breakfast, then continue navigating up the Jauaperi river, on the way you will see many Monkeys and Birds, also will stop to make lunch, then continue your journey, observing the wild life. As evening come, you will make your second camp. Prepare your dinner.

Day 03: Wake up around 06.00 am, listen to the morning sounds, then prepare your breakfast.
After you guides will take you for your first Jungle walk, during the walk, you will maybe meet or see some wild animals , like wild pigs and some Monkeys. Back to the Camp, prepare lunch. In the afternoon, your guides will take you farther up the Jauaperi river, to do some fishing and in the dark you will have the chance to see your guide catch Caiman, back to the Camp.

Day 04: Wake up at 06.00 am, prepare breakfast, then start your tour, navigating down the Jauaperi river, observing the wild life. On the way you will prepare your lunch, then continue your journey to the meeting point of Trairi river, make your camp and prepare your dinner.

Day 05: After breakfast, you will leave your camp, navigate up river Trairi, to the place called Cachoeira, trekking through the forest back to the Base Camp. On the way you have chance to see more birds and Monkeys, maybe a chance to see the wild pigs. It also takes about three hours walking through the Jungle. Arriving at the Base Camp, you will have lunch. At about 14.00 pm, once again , you and your guides will go for another Jungle walk, to observe wild animals, like pigs and some Monkeys. Back to the Base camp, have dinner, after dinner, you and your guides, will leave in the motorized canoe, navigating up the Trairi river, where you all will observe some animals, like pacas and some other animals.

Day 06: Have breakfast, and in the morning you will go with your guides to another place , where you will go on a Jungle walk, once again, you may have chance to see more of the wild life. Then back to the Base Camp. Have lunch, then leave the place, going to the small city called Vila Equador. There you will take the Bus back to Manaus, arriving about 21.30 pm. That’s the reason you will need a Hotel in Manaus, before going to the airport.

The 7 and 8 days are done as it is from the day 2 to day 5 activities. When arriving, sleep one night in the Base Camp and also one night at the Base Camp, before going back to Manaus. We do these packages well scheduled, that is why you must have one night in a hotel in Manaus, before going on the tour, also one night, when coming back from the tour.

To be advised
Swimming suits, long sleeve shirt or sweater, long pants, trekking boots, sandals, Binoculars, towel, sheet for covering or a sleeping bag, raincoat, hats, good camera, cream for sun protector and a flashlight. I always ask clients to bring some liquid or drops to purify drinking water, why, is because ,you will not be able to take a many bottles of mineral water with you into the Jungle.