Manaus is one of the great gateways to travel and adventure in the Brazilian Amazon. While Manaus is a big city with an interesting history with great remains of those who ones settled down and built it, take for example the beautiful Teatro Amazonas. This theater is held within a tiled mosaic dome, decorated in the colors of the Brazilian flag. The theater features operas and many other types of artistic performances as it did in the days of its glory inaugurated December 31st 1869.
Those wishing to see the sights of the Amazon rain forest should visit the Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden. Tourists will visit greenhouses and take a guided tour of the forest, all the while receiving interesting facts about the many things that grow in the Amazon.
From Manaus one of the tourist favourite excursions is the “meeting of the waters”, a convergence of the Rio Negro and Brown Rio Solimões just a few kilometres outside Manaus. The two rivers meet to form the mighty Amazon River. The two distinct colour differences make this spectacular something really worth to see.

From Manaus you can do many nature inspired tours such as; trekking the Amazon, cruises on the rivers, fishing trips, enjoy the Amazonas Opera Festival, visit the Manaus Zoo.

The tropical rainforest of Brazil with an area in itself is known as the Amazon Basin is composed by over one billion acres of land. Almost six million square kilometres of that is the actual forest, overlapping nine separate nations. Brazil ‘s share of the rainforest is at almost 60 percent. Other nations with a stake in the forest include Peru, Ecuador, Guyana, Bolivia, Columbia, French Guiana, and Suriname. The mighty Amazon comprises over half of the globe’s remaining rainforests and it contains the highest concentration of different specifies of any tropical rainforest on Earth. According to some estimates over a third of all species in the world exist in the Amazon in some amount.

Clearly, the tropical rainforest of Manaus Brazil is a teeming with all kinds of life forms. This breathtaking biodiversity explains a lot of why big-shot movie directors use the Amazon as the setting for so many popular movies – and it explains why tourists flood in huge numbers to this region year after year.

One of the best known animals in the Amazon is the toucan. These bird are known for their enormous and colourful beaks and, in industrialized nations, the mascot of a popular kid’s cereal called Fruit Loops. Indeed, Fruit Loops commercials often featured their toucan mascot in the wet forest setting of the Amazon. Other notable species include tree frogs and tigers.
The other major reason to visit the Amazon is to get a first-hand glimpse of the mighty Amazon river.