One day tour from Manaus
See as much as possible in one day, join us in one of our one day Amazon adventures.

One day tour from Manaus
The Jaguar Package and is a full day tour departing from Manaus daily. The tour is perfect for those that are not staying in any lodge but rather in Manaus for a shorter visit but wants to explore the Amazon River and forest and many of the exciting activities it has to offer.

We departure from Manaus at 07.00 am, from your hotel and cross the Rio Negro Bridge and continues traveling for about 30 to 40 minutes (51 km away from Manaus ) in air-conditioned car or a van.

When we arrive at our destination, we will change into a motorized canoe and continue to a native home. We visit the home and see how they live and prepare for a jungle nature walk (03 hours duration). You will learn about the flora and fauna and also about medical plants and many other exciting things the jungle has to offer. We return to the native home where we will enjoy lunch at their home. After some lunch and relaxing we head out to meet the pink dolphins where if lucky you will be able to swim with the dolphins (botos).

Later in the afternoon we will meet another creature from the ocean less friendly and know as the fierce Piranhas! Yes we will go fishing for Piranhas and learn about this remarkable fish. If weather is good you will enjoy a fantastic sunset while on the river.
As night falls our last adventure for the day is spotting caiman’s. In the dark we venture out in boats where our guide will spot and catch a smaller caiman’s and teach us about these creatures before letting it back into its natural habitat.

We return to Manaus the same way we came and should arrive approximately 20:00/08:00 pm in the evening.

The Dolphin Package is a half day tour in a speedboat (duration 5 hours)
Departure 08.00 am from the porto f the Tropical Hotel..
Activities:Rubber museum,visit indigenous family and swim with Dolphins.
Back to Manaus  arriving about 13.00 pm
The Anaconda Package is a one day tour in speed boat (Duration 10 Hours).
Departure from Manaus port at 08:00 am.
Activities: Meeting of the two Rivers, visit Vila Catalão (floating house), fish Pirarucu (sport fishing), explore creeks and flooded woodlands, observing animals and birds. Lunch at a floating restaurant, see giant water lilies(aquatic plants), fishing Piranhas and visiting a native family.
Return to Manaus about 17.30 to 18.00 pm.
Good walking shoes, hat, sun-lotion, a small rain cap and camera!