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Our customer says – reviews from our customers and their travel experience with Aguia Amazonas Turismo

Inês do Vale.
Acajatuba Guest House 4 days / 3 nights

We stayed at the Acajatuba guest house for 4 days with the guide Josué. From July on, the river level starts to go down so the pictures show the maximum water level near the guest house. Everything was according to the plan and Josué was so creative! We did a lot more things than I expected. The guest house is lovely and food was simply delicious. Antonio was always very nice and available to answer any questions when we were preparing our trip. My friend got ill at the end of our stay and Antonio gave all the assistance she needed when she went to the hospital. I highly recommend and I only regret not being there longer.

Ana Carolina with brother.
São Paulo.

I went to the Amazon with my brother, our guide was Antonio and the experience was amazing. We did the 3-day survival trip and 2 nights and regretted not choosing more days. Antonio is a super good person, with a lot of knowledge about the forest to share with you.

Many thanks Antonio, you are super Jungle guide.
We both will recommend you to our friends

Maju Takano with family.
São Paulo. SP

My trip to the Amazon was one of the most unforgettable! We stayed 5 days there and did a lot of things! But of course we returned home already thinking about returning some day …
We were fortunate to have as a guide Antonio, ÀGUIA AMAZONAS TURISMO! He taught us MANY things about nature and local people, always in good spirits! I have traveled to many places but know the Amazonia was a dream come true as Brazilian. Be surrounded by nature makes you really feel your strength … it’s surreal!
DEFINITELY recommend the trip … and I also have full confidence in Antonio as a guide !!! I recommend !!!!!!!

Thank you very much Antonio.
See you one day.

Acajatuba Guest House
04 days / 3 nights
Phili Beatz and friend Ko  Ray.

We booked the Acajatuba Guest house (Rio Negro) tours. Which lasted 4 days / 3 nights.
Our guide was Antonio João da Silva, He picked us up from the airport, as we didn´t had no Hotel reservation in Manaus, so we decided to spend the morning at the airport and from there he took us to the Lodge ( Guest House).Antonio was a great guide, he  has a lot of experience in leading people through the Jungle and provided a lot of information about Manaus ,the Amazon forest ,region and its animals. We felt safe and protected all the way and look forward to our next tour into his guidance.
Many thanks Antonio ,you are a super guide.
We will sure recommend you to friends.
See you in few years.


Christine Barrows & Colin Barrows.
Our guide was Antonio, who speaks very good English and was very knowledgeable about the animals, fish and plants. He showed us monkeys, sloths, birds and different types of fish. We saw tracks in the Forest for deer and Jaguar. Also holes of Armadillo but unfortunately didn´t see these .We saw a Green Parrot snake in the river-swimming and lots of Caimans.
Many thanks, Àguia Amazonas turismo for the fantastic Jungle guide, Antonio João da Silva.3 days / 2 nights.

Suzanne, Georg and son Alexander Forster
Visited in 18-04-2015
Many thanks for our guide Antonio for giving us a wonderful trip 3 days / 2 nights in the Amazon Jungle. You were exceptional in spotting Caimans at night along the riverbanks, and our son Alexander will never forget the moment he caught his first very own Caiman under your expert leadership! You were so enthusiastic  in showing us through the Jungle and  on the waterways, and your “Hawks eyes” spotted nearly every animal we had hope to see some Sloths,  Howlers and Capuchin monkeys in the trees from our motorized canoe to grey and pink Dolphins, Caiman and a parrot snake in the river, to Paca racing past in the Jungle. Antonio you made this an unforgettable adventure for us. The food was excellent.
We enjoyed extracting your amazing knowledge of the Jungle medicines plants uses, animal tracking and the indigenous way of life in the Amazon and hope we can return one day. We will definitely send our other sons and recommend our best friends to come.
Thanks,  Antonio and God bless you with all your success.

One day river tour.
Neil Murphy

After some online research myself from Mayo and 3 friends from Galway Ireland decided the most professional and updated tour group was Aguia Amazonas Turismo.
After a brief introductory email I received a quick response from the company detailing what is available and what were the costs associated with the trip. All was agreed and we were picked up by the driver at 8:00 am sharp from our hotel.  Went to the pier where we met Antonio and the captain of the boat. The boat was modern, practical, and very comfortable.
Do not attempt to leave the pier without sun screen and insect repellent.

We departed from the pier and Antonio gave us a rolling commentary of the city, the amazon, he even stopped the boat along the way to answer any question and also to watch some pink river dolphins.
We continued on to the meeting of the waters which is amazing, I would highly recommend it with Aguia Amazonas Turismo due to the fact there are only a few people on the boat, you can feel the difference in the temperature of the water as the boat travels across the meeting point.
We then toured through a floating village and did some fishing in the village.
We continued on to a floating restaurant which was buffet style but the food was nice and fresh. From the restaurant we walked to the small lake/pool to see the giant water lilie pads.
After a suitable length of time we continued back to the boat and after a 10 minute trip we pulled into the side of the river and started fishing for Piranhas. This was very exciting and Antonio was very informative about all the different types and other wild life at the water’s edge.
We were blessed with good weather and a great tour guide and captain, after over an hour of fishing where we all caught at least one Piranhas we headed up river to see some more wildlife on the river banks. The captain and Antonio would see a needle in a haystack from .5 miles away- at least that was our thought when they could spot a Caiman from 200 meters away.
After an hour or so it was time to head back, we arrived back on the pier that evening after a very eventful and exciting day.
We had a great day with Aguia Amazonas Turismo, I would recommend them for friend adventure trips/tours, business team building trips, family trips and solo trips in the Manaus region and possibly further (I would like to discuss this with Antonio).
We felt very safe, comfortable and informed by Antonio and his crew. I will be back hopefully before the year is out.
Antonio, please accept my sincerest gratitude and thanks.
Best regards,

Survival Tour  Rio Negro
Kirsten Hennecke
Bernd Hennecke.
We spent  4 days  and 3 nights with our guide Antonio João da Silva. He pick us up at  the Hotel  and went direct to the Amazon Jungle .50  km away from   Manaus.The first night  we spent in a small guest house,we did some activities in our first day,fishing Pirinhas,watching birds,see the beautiful sunset and in the dark Antonio  pich up a small Caiman  from the dark using a flashlight,we made pictures then send it back to the nature.
The next day  we had breakfast,and then  started our  journey for the Jungle  Camping.It took us some time before arriving in the Amazon Jungle.Antonio took a native Jungle guide from the region,so to help  with our materials,food and water.We walked for about 2 hours,then we stop  at a place ,so Antonio gaved  us instructions,in things we have to help to do,Antonio showed how to make the camp and to make fire.I tried to make the fire but no sucess.My wife  also tried but   we didn´t get trought to make it.Antonio is  a fantastic Jungle guide,he made the fire for us.
During our dinner time ,Antonio told us some stories about the wilderness in the Amazon,about Jaguars and snakes,my wife couldn´t  sleep,but in the end she had to do it. The next day we went back to the Guest house. For breakfast,the again we went out in a aluminum motorized canoe.visiting a place where  we saw some monkies and feed them with some bananas.,this part   was fantastic ,it was my wifes dream to do this in the Amazon,also swiming with the Pink Dolphins. In our last day we visited a native family,to see their living of life.
So we had a wonderfull time.
We will sure recommend Antonio´s Jungle tour to friends.
Thanks Antonio you made our trip unforgettable, specialy for my wife. we will be back soon.

Susan Rogers.
I first visited The Amazon in December 2004, as part of a 3 week holiday in South America, and it was not only the best part of the trip, but one of my favourite places in the world. My guide for the trip was Antonio Joao da Silva, and he is without doubt the best guide I have ever had – and I’ve done a lot of travelling and had a lot of guides!

Sometimes you can get a guide who knows his subject inside out, but either has minimal English to do it justice or the lack of a charismatic personality to bring it alive. Sometimes you can get an excellent English speaking guide, but their depth of knowledge and ability to answer any questions thrown at them is negligible. If you are really lucky you may find a guide who has good English and a reasonable depth of knowledge, but fails to inspire as they sound like they are regurgitating a text book. With Antonio we had everything.

“We use these for men who are unfaithful to their wives,” he revealed. “The black ants are put in two bags, and then the man has his hands plunged into the bags which are then tied around his wrists and left there for many minutes. Their bite doesn’t kill, but it’s very painful and makes you ill.” We looked to see if he was smiling or pulling our legs, but this was a serious piece of information he was imparting.”

If you go to The Amazon, which I unreservedly recommend, then look up ÁGUIA AMAZONAS TURISMO and Antonio! When I returned – I didn’t even think twice!

Soren Jorgensen
If you are traveling to Manaus or the Rainforest and looking for a guide that can help you get the most out of your visit make sure to talk to Antonio João da Silva at ÁGUIA AMAZONAS TURISMO .And yes,luckily for all us non-Portuguese speakers heis English is perfect. www.aguiaamazonas.com.br
With no exception Antonio is one of the Best guides we have ever encountered. We were fortunate to stumble upon Antonios brother who´s also a guide while he was guiding other tourists at Teatro de Amazonas in Manaus. João put us in contact with Antonio Who came to meet us with out any questions asked. After several suggestions he careful and patiently listened to what we wanted to see and experience, Antonio then suggested na itinerary at a reasonable price. Antonio is one of the rare people you sometimes are fortunate enough to meet when traveling.He genuinely cares about you and your experience hence there´s  there is true laughter and joy. Antonio is a very knowledgeable and knows everyone and you can see he enjoys showing you all the  gems. Needless to say that we had an absolute amazing time and mad memories for life.
I am already thinking about the next visit and look forward to see Antonio again.

Survival Tour in the Amazon “Rio Preto da Eva”
03 to 05 days trips.
NAME: Mike Brindley
CITY: Cambridge
COUNTRY: England.
Comment: The Jungle Tour was na amazing experience,and Antonio is an extremely knowledgable guide.It was very good to learn a lot from Antonio skills and despite being great through a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Thanks Antonio.We will recommend you to friends.

NAME: Callum Jackson
CITY: Manchester
COUNTRY: England
Comment: Fantastic experience,for exceeded my expectations.Learn a lot from Antonio our very knowledgable and friendly guide.Will hopefully be back again soon.
Many thanks Antonio.

NAME: Luke Taylor
COUNTRY: England
Comment: A really thorough,knowledgable guide,very exciting things to learn from you Antonio.
Well planned out from start to finish.
Excellent and enjoyable jungle trip all around.
Thanks Antonio.

NAME: Jamie Crawley
CITY: Cambridge
COUNTRY: England.
Comment: An amazing experience from the moment,we touched down in Manaus.
Antonio(the guide) was brilliant and very knowledgable showing us as much as possible with in the start time and to the last momento of four trip.
Thanks very much Antonio.

NAME: Mathe Butterworth.
CITY: Manchester
COUNTRY: England.
Comment: Antonio´s Amazon Jungle Tour was all adsolutely amazing experience.It was a truely imagine oppertunity to spend the living in and learning about the Amazon.
It was exceptionaly well run and organised from start to finish.
Antonio is a top Guy,he speaks great english and has a good sence of humour.I would definitely recomend this tour to friends,and sure I will be back to Manaus.
Thanks for my experience from Antonio.